Article Coffee Beverages Explained
November 18

Coffee Beverages Explained

Espresso and filtered coffee are two main categories of coffee based on the method of preparation. Learn about individual types of coffee that fall to these categories..

Article Donate with us
November 11

Donate with us

Dancing Goat regularly donates money to Children in Africa, a foundation that helps children with food, accommodation, education and others. Create a better world and donate with us.

Article Origins of Arabica Bourbon
November 11

Origins of Arabica Bourbon

This one particular type of coffee, the Arabica Bourbon, is now sold only in Japan. It has been brought back to life by enthusiasts after being almost forgotten for nearly sixty years.

Article On Roasts
November 07

On Roasts

Roasting coffee beans can take from 6 to 13 minutes. Different roasting times produce different types of coffee, with varying concentration of caffeine and intensity of the original flavor.

Article Coffee processing techniques
November 02

Coffee processing techniques

Learn about the techniques of processing the products of coffee plants. Different methods are used in different parts of the world depending mainly on their weather conditions.

Article Which brewing fits you?
October 27

Which brewing fits you?

We have put down three procedures with clearly written steps describing the process of making coffee. Read this article to convince yourself that brewing coffee is no science.