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18 noviembre

Tipos de café

Espresso y café filtrado dos categorías principales de café basado en el método de preparación. Aprenda acerca de los distintos tipos de café que caen a estas categorías.

Article Donate with us
11 noviembre

Donate with us

Dancing Goat regularly donates money to Children in Africa, a foundation that helps children with food, accommodation, education and others. Create a better world and donate with us.

Article Origins of Arabica Bourbon
11 noviembre

Origins of Arabica Bourbon

This one particular type of coffee, the Arabica Bourbon, is now sold only in Japan. It has been brought back to life by enthusiasts after being almost forgotten for nearly sixty years.

Article On Roasts
07 noviembre

On Roasts

Roasting coffee beans can take from 6 to 13 minutes. Different roasting times produce different types of coffee, with varying concentration of caffeine and intensity of the original flavor.

Article Coffee processing techniques
02 noviembre

Coffee processing techniques

Learn about the techniques of processing the products of coffee plants. Different methods are used in different parts of the world depending mainly on their weather conditions.

Our Story

At Dancing Goat, we strive to do things right. Not only do we source the best coffees you can get your hands on. We also make sure we have a direct relationship with our farmers. Visiting the micro farms where we source our coffees is our daily bread. This way, we can guarantee the highest quality standard all year long. No middle-men, no unfair shares. Our farmers get the best deal possible. So do you.

Stop by at our cafes

You don’t need to be an aficionado to enjoy the best. Stop by, relax, and put your mind at ease. There are no distractions at Dancing Goat cafes, it’s just you and your cup of coffee. A Dancing Goat cafe is a place where the revival of alternative coffee preparation methods takes place. Extracting the best coffee in a vacuum coffee maker or a charming Chemex is just some of the things you can experience there.

Company history

Dancing Goat originated in 1969 as a company of coffee enthusiasts. Our main focus has always been on offering the best you can taste. Knowing our farmers personally and having quality as a top requirement, we have become a well-known brand, available worldwide.